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  • Testimonial

    Mark Palmer

    Mark Palmer — Interim management, business growth and exit strategy advisor to technology, health care and services industries

    Some do community service as a way to constructively use their time, taking on pleasant, perhaps even challenging, projects to help their favorite nonprofit. Mark Palmer has the reputation of diving into those voluntary positions most others avoid. A few years ago he found himself on the board of an.. read more

    Ronald V. Gallo, Ed.D., President & CEO
    Santa Barbara Foundation

  • Testimonial

    Sam Alibrando

    Sam Alibrando — Executive Selection, Executive Coaching, Executive Team Building

    Excellent information; I truly enjoyed the many analogies you used during today's 'Integrity & the Synergistic Leader' luncheon meeting. I was able to see myself and my leadership style very clearly; and your presentation helped me increase my awareness towards the self-actualization of myself,.. read more

    Norma De Lerma, 
    City of Pasadena

  • Testimonial

    Peter DiGiammarino

    Peter DiGiammarino — Business strategy, operations, finance

    Our early-stage services firm started to consistently and reliably perform and grow according to a plan after working with IntelliVen. We give them a lot of credit for helping our three founders raise their level of operations to the professional level. One of the recurring themes that still rings.. read more

    Brian Karlisch, Co-Founder and CEO

  • Testimonial

    Judy Bardwick

    Judy Bardwick — Executive coaching, company culture, organizational performance

    As always, Judy Bardwick has zeroed in on compelling problems, offering sensible and sensitive resolutions... read more

    Peter Bidstrup, Former CEO
    Doubletree Hotels and MetHotels

  • Testimonial

    Bill Fotsch

    Bill Fotsch — Profitability, performance management, incentive plans

    I don't have employees in my plant anymore. I have entrepreneurs who are looking to find ways to make more money... read more

    Roger Gromnet, Co-owner

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