Rick Pfohl

Rick Pfohl

Hartford, CT


Areas of expertise

Business Transformation,Leadership Development,Organizational Development

Desired client profile

Entrepreneurs and SMB/SME's

Professional summary

Global visionary executive with an applied Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (D.S.L.), a major in Strategic Foresight, and an emphasis in Global IT Strategy. Anticipatory thought leader recognized for applying strategic intelligence to global technological solutions achieving organizational transformations utilizing a global mindset. Comprehensive expertise in progressive technologies within multiple industry settings. Advanced risk assessment dexterity in navigating competing agendas and value-stream mapping establishing a sustainable competitive advantage. Demonstrated leadership in mentoring cohesive cross-functional teams in transnational environments maximizing engagement and productivity. Foresighted knowledge leader uniquely skilled at driving organizational fluidity by assessing, aligning, and applying global forces intentionally toward a preferred future.

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Anytime. By appointment.


map-pin In person: Hartford, CT
online-pin Skype, Google+
phone-pin (860) 375-0575