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  • Testimonial

    Sam Alibrando

    Sam Alibrando — Executive Selection, Executive Coaching, Executive Team Building

    As a search firm, we have always been good at attracting interest from a large applicant pool for job openings within our firm. However, prior to partnering with Dr. Sam Alibrando, we had always struggled to consistently hire the 'right' person. Through a combination of both quantitative tools and.. read more

    Alan Cullen, President
    Westwood & Wilshire

  • Testimonial

    Judy Bardwick

    Judy Bardwick — Executive coaching, company culture, organizational performance

    As always, Judy Bardwick has zeroed in on compelling problems, offering sensible and sensitive resolutions... read more

    Peter Bidstrup, Former CEO
    Doubletree Hotels and MetHotels

  • Testimonial

    David Patrishkoff

    David Patrishkoff — Risk Management, Performance Management, Rapid Problem Solving

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate your team for a successful project here at Henry Ford Hospital, Transfusion Medicine Division…The project "The Apheresis Plasma Exchange Procedure" was to investigate and identify gaps in billable charges to Transfusion Medicine.. read more

    Raun Varney, Director of Six Sigma Internship Program
    Henry Ford Hospital

  • Testimonial

    John Baldoni

    John Baldoni — Executive coaching, leadership development

    John Baldoni is one of the organizational thinkers that I respect the most. His ideas are practical - and he can help make sure that you have an impact in your organization... read more

    Marshall Goldsmith, Bestselling Author & Speaker

  • Testimonial

    Peter DiGiammarino

    Peter DiGiammarino — Business strategy, operations, finance

    Our early-stage services firm started to consistently and reliably perform and grow according to a plan after working with IntelliVen. We give them a lot of credit for helping our three founders raise their level of operations to the professional level. One of the recurring themes that still rings.. read more

    Brian Karlisch, Co-Founder and CEO

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